Real Estate Tycoon! City Sim Game Kit
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Game Details:

Real Estate Tycoon is a flexible city simulator time management game kit that engages the player with its simple and addictive mechanics. This kit provides 3 modes to play including Time-Trial, Endless and Career, each bringing different missions and game play to your users. The kit uses a very flexible design and you can use it to build a 2D or 3D game at no time. You can also use the codes and classes to learn how to build a similar time-management tycoon game from scratch.

Demo APK


- This is a full template with Menu, Career Map, Pause, Pause and Game scenes.

- 3 game play modes: Endless, Time-Trial and Career

- Supports multi-platform: Android, iOs, Windows Phone, WebPlayer and Windows

- Can be used as a base to prototype similar time management tycoon games

- Simple, but highly addictive gameplay

- Can be used to build a 2D or a 3D game at no time!

- Mobile friendly (with awesome performance!)

- Extremely flexible to re-skin and re-master

- Fully commented source code in C#

It works with Unity built-in features and doesn't need any 3rd party tools to get it up and running.

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Release date 2022-09-22
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