Magic Forest-Match 3 Puzzle
Magic Forest-Match 3 Puzzle Download Here (newest build 64 bit enabled) Live Demo: How to use Level Editor: From Developer:
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Demo APK

Game Details:

Description Demo APK: Download Here (newest build 64 bit enabled) Live Demo: How to use Level Editor: From Developer: Our update progress was pretty slow in the past, but now we are back to bring the best project to you! We hope you enjoy the game and don’t hesitate to ask us anything you need, you will get instant support. The Yellow Star will light through the night. In a far far away magical land, there was a beautiful forest that was possessed by many devil, they turn the forest to a infinity night, all animal feeling sad and start to angry. Although the devil is powerful but there was hope. A Yellow Star lit in the night, It’s give specimens in the forest feel save. Your duty is to guide the Star through the forest safety so she can help others.


– Over 300 challenge puzzle levels

– Stunning game effect while you collect, match and active special totem.

– Facebook friends show on map, share, invite and challenge them.

– Many shapes to form the matches.

– Advanced Story Mode and Classic Mode to play all day long.

– Score as much as you can to become a best Puzzle solver.

– Excellent graphics and addictive gameplay

How To Play:

– Swipe left, right, up, down to move the fruit.

– Match 3 or more same fruits to collect them

– 4 matched fruit will generate a flame blow fruit

– 5 matched fruit will generate a thunder fruit that collect all same type fruits.

– Every time you create a match, a totem will create lighting to collect one more fruit.

– In Story Mode, when you collect all the fruits, get them out of stuck, a Yellow Star will appear, collect all fruit below her to win the puzzle.

– Remember to share, invite your friends to help the Yellow Star and the forest.

Other Features:

You will be guaranteed with all these following features when you purchase the source. Our support team will answer all your questions.

✔ 300 challenging tested puzzle

✔ Admob Banner and Intersitital

✔ Unity Video Ads

✔ Friend appear on map

✔ Share and rate game

✔ In-App Purchase

✔ Life refill purchase

✔ Level Editor come with manual document and video

✔ Support Unity 2020.3.3

✔ Easy to re-skin and rebuild with detailed document.

✔ Excellent customer services

✔ Guarantee support until you publish the game.


– No programming skill needed

– Recommend Unity 2020.3.3f1

How to setup and reskin

– All graphics are stored in Asset/Graphics folder, after you have made new graphics just simply replace the old one with the new one.

– All sounds are stored in Asset/Audio folder, replace sounds by the new one.

– Advertisement ids are stored in Asset/GoogleAdmob.cs script file. Open it and change the Admob ids.

– To change Facebook ID, open Facebook -> Edit Setting -> Add your App ID here.

– That’s it, no programming skill needed.

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Version 2020
Release date 2023-05-24
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