Save The Vampire
Vampires can be the most loyal friends – as long as you keep them safe Ready to build the vampire castle’s path!
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Game Details:

Save the Vampire is a daring game in which you run on the castle’s path at crazy speed, build the maximum castle path to save the vampire by selecting path patterns, you can change the patterns style by clicking on the pattern, build the maximum path to save the life of the Vampire and complete much levels in this real-world path building challenge

Be extremely cautious while ending at the end of the path pattern.

Build the Trail

Run in real-world path building games:

  • Choose appropriate path pattern to gain a good score.
  • Control the vampire speed to complete much levels
  • Fly mood to reach insane speed

Buy and Customize Your Skins:

  • Customize your vampire to give them your own style
  • Buy and unlock all vampire styles

Upgrade and Buy Power Ups:

  • Buy power ups to utilize maximum features
  • Utilize these features for getting higher score.


  • Sound Effects
  • UI Canvas
  • Player & Obstacles Animations
  • Touch Input Included
  • A fully functional game scene
  • Customizable Unity Particle Effects
  • Ads Manager for Implementation of Ads
  • In App Purchase
  • Built in Shop with scripts and logic.
  • Animated video.
  • Multiple Materials, textures, 3d Objects, etc.
  • Supported platforms: Android, IOS


  • Unity Version 2019.427f1 and above
  • For Android ( 7.0 version  and above)
  • For IOS ( 12.4 version and above )


If any errors found in the template after importing it on unity, you must import the mentioned packages from package manager.

  • In app purchasing
  • Advertisements version > 4.0.0
  • Input System

If Version is less than 4 then it will cause crashes on IOS. 

How to used this template:

  1. Drag n Drop this package on your project.
  2. Switch the platform to Android / Switch the platform to IOS
  3. Prefabs folder contain all the prefabs
  4. Animation  folder contain all animation
  5. materials folder contain all materials
  6. Script folder contain all script with individual script folder with name
  7. UI screen and elements hold all UI elements
  8. Enjoy the Game Play

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Version 2019.4.27
Release date 2023-07-03
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