Red Boy and Blue Girl
red boy and blue girl journey it's fun and addictive fire and water game.
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red boy and blue girl journey it's fun and addictive fire and water game. Its the perfect to pass your free time and you will never get bored. Awesome game-play suitable for all ages, if you're a Hard boy and light girl or red boy and blue girl fan, this Game is made for you, Get it now for free! red boy and blue girl journey is one of the most interesting adventures games. Let's pass a journey full of adventures with Red Boy and Blue Girl in the adventurous world. help red boy to flip his flame at the right moment to pass the dangerous obstacles and save blue Girl. Red boy (Fire boy) and his lover blue girl (Water girl) who go with him is a puzzle adventure game .It's an very addicting game to play with your lover and your friends.

You've got two characters to choose from in this exciting puzzle game.

Lead Red boy and blue girl to their doors in each level of this adventurous temple maze and collecting red diamonds and blue diamonds along the way.

Red boy (Fire boy) must avoid the water and blue girl (water girl ) must avoid the fire, and be careful, the black water kills them both.


  • Easy Ad Implementation
  • Easy To Reskin
  • Satisfying mechanic
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  • Support Android/Ios
Category Game Templates
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Version Tested On 2017.4.40f
Release date 2023-07-03
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