Muscle Car Robot
What is even more powerful than a Muscle Car Robot
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Game Details:

High damage super abilities.

Road challenges.

Special tasks and much more.

What is even more powerful than a muscle car? A muscle car robot!

An ultimate upgrade of car went terribly right! Now you are an official combat machine that runs quarter mile in less than 6 seconds.

Try out the no limit city adventures with drug racing, circuit, robot fighting and secret missions. Your special skills are very useful and you won’t have time to be bored.

So burnout your tires and get prepared for the endless action on the wheels!


  • Traffic System
  • Quest System
  • Car Control
  • Robot Control
  • UNITY 2021
  • Minimap
  • 3D Physics
Category Game Templates
Rating 0 / 5
Version 2021
Release date 2023-07-31
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