Template Exchange Policy

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At Game Code Hub, we offer exchange services for game codes. Here are some guidelines to ensure a fair and satisfactory exchange process:

1) Users can trade their game codes for projects worth 1 or 2 dollars. However, if a user has a high-quality game code, we may offer to trade it for other codes on our website.

2) The code that the user is trading must be bug-free and functional. Once the trade is made, the user cannot change their mind and request a different code.

3) The user must show the code they wish to trade to the admin for verification before any exchange takes place. This is to ensure that the code is legitimate and meets our standards.

4) The game code being traded must support Android devices and must have been built using Unity version 2018 or higher.

5) There is no need for the user to pay for the code they are receiving in exchange.

6) Once the exchange is made, the admin reserves the right to use the code for any purpose, including selling it on our website or elsewhere.

7) To initiate an exchange, the user must contact the admin via Discord or Telegram.

We hope these guidelines will help ensure a smooth and fair exchange process for everyone involved. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us Via Email, Discord Or Telegram.

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